Services and Registrations


Periodically Guess sends updates of collections and on line news.

It's very simple, just enter the section Sign up the Newsletter and fill in details.

To create your account enter the section My account and fill in details.

The registration of your account permits memorizing personal data while you browse and purchase items without having to give details once again, you can track all previous orders and check details of orders in progress, but it does not automatically subscribe to Guess services.

Subscription to the newsletter, vice versa, consents receiving the newsletter periodically with updates but is not tied to the registration of a account.

Just enter the section My account select update and give details.

It is necessary first to remove previous address and then give details of new e-mail address.

Through the function "Forgot your password?" by entering the section My account.
The system will automatically send a link to the e-mail address entered to allow you to create a new password.

It is possible to remove the e-mail address directly from the newsletter or entering Unsubscribe, if this however is not possible contact Customer Service who will proceed with cancelation from the data base.

If you wish to cancel personal details please contact Customer Service.

It is possible to contact Customer service by e mail through the section Contact Us.