Denim Care Guide


We asked our denim experts for their top tips to keep their favorite denim looking like new, and how to break them in just right. Follow these easy care suggestions to keep your denim looking and feeling its best.


  • Wash dark denim before the first wear to prevent dyes from bleeding. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar to the water when you wash your jeans for the very first time to set dark dye.
  • Launder jeans only once or twice a month. It is best to wash jeans by hand using a mild liquid detergent; however you may also machine wash using a cold setting.
  • Air dry flat to retain shape. Only use the dryer for denim if your goal is shrinkage. If you choose to use the dryer, dry on low heat for 20 minutes max then air dry the rest of the way.


  • If you think your jeans need to be hemmed, wash them first. Denim tends to shrink length-wise and hemming beforehand can leave you with unexpectedly short jeans.
  • If you want a broken in look, spray your jeans with water as you're wearing them around house to get natural creases and worn-in effects.
  • To keep your denim fresh between washing, rub them with a tumble dryer. You cans also spray them with a fabric refresher or hang them outside.


  • The best way to store denim is to hang from the belt loops. This reduces unwanted creases and wrinkles. Attach two S hooks onto a regular pants hanger, and hang by the outside belt loops.
  • When hanging jeans, don't use hangers with clip. The teeth can dig into your denim and create impressions on the waist, knees or cuffs.
  • Another option is fold your denim into stacks like you see in retail stores, with the zipper on the inside of the fold.